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This is the story of an ancient place; of rebirth, of family legacy, and of a lodge that is so pioneering, so authentic, that it reinvents the very idea of what it means to experience the African bush.

This is Xigera (pronounced “Kee-jera” and named after the pied kingfisher), a bold new statement in Botswana’s most unspoilt wilderness, opening 1st of December 2020 on the western side of the Moremi Game Reserve in the heart of the Okavango Delta.

Xigera is a labour of love, a miraculous and enchanting transformation that will create experiences that are, quite simply, extraordinary.


There are just 12 fully air-conditioned suites. Each one is an exquisite reimagining of the safari experience, showcasing the finest Southern African artisans and creating a design that is utterly in tune with its surroundings. Quietly surprising touches are everywhere, from the lily-inspired spa to the chance of a life-changing sleep-out beneath the velvet night sky.

But it is the people that define Xigera, as you'd expect from a Red Carnation creation, with 105 exceptional staff looking after 24 guests, allowing an experience of exclusive flexibility. Xigera offers a unique chance to explore the bush the way you want to, defined by the Red Carnation art of hospitality.

This is the story of Xigera. Opening 1st December 2020…

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As the new custodians of Xigera, our family has always shared a profound love of Africa. Xigera embodies everything that makes Red Carnation Hotels so unique and special. Family-owned and run passion, warm and caring teams, generous hospitality, Bea Tollman’s legendary dishes, stunning, unique and thoughtful design, innovation and world class quality and experiences. This year Red Carnation celebrates 100 years of hospitality as one of the family owned and run TTC brands, and we are very proud to honour this milestone with the rebirth of Xigera.

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In an ever-changing fragile eco-system of 15,000 square kilometres, the Okavango Delta fans out over the Kalahari sand system, making it the 1000th Natural Wonder of the World. Right at its heart in this magnificent wetland is Xigera Safari Lodge. Xigera is dedicated to guarding this precious jewel that belongs to Botswana, and to empowering local communities, alongside environmentally conscious hospitality and sustainable conservation. We are committed to ensuring that the unique wildlife surrounding Xigera survives and thrives – this is only the start of our journey…