After 70 years in hospitality, it is a dream come true to be the guardians of Xigera. Red Carnation and the Tollman family are committed to caring for and protecting the reserve, the area and the wildlife, and to the empowerment of local communities.

Our custodianship is an expression of that love and devotion, and it is our wish that Xigera will leave a heart-print on every guest who visits and every person who works here.

Our approach is entirely flexible, allowing our guests to create their own authentic, tailormade experiences, with the care and attention of the most knowledgeable local guides and hosts.

We seek to uphold authentic bush traditions, alongside luxurious, visionary design, warm, passionate service, and generous hosting and hospitality.

Our philosophy is “anything, any time”; our mission is to share the wonder of the Xigera wildlife experience and to leave a lasting, heartfelt impression.