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Building a community

Follow the journey of our team and the creation of our staff village...


An arboreal resident leopard
How to capture the perfect wildlife photo

Wildlife photography requires good instincts and preparation. Here we learn from Xigera's Mike Myers how to capture the perfect shot.

06th December 2019

18 months at Xigera

Mike Myers outlines the wildlife that he’s seen in and around Camp as the Lodge has taken shape.



elephant 2
Fan palms, elephants & sunsets

As ripe fruits rain down, elephants are drawn to the area to feed on them.



Tree Climbing Lion 2
The tree climbing lions of Xigera

Mike Myers describes the joy of spotting lions sleeping peacefully in the treetops.


Running antelope
Welcome to the Okavango Delta

Xigera Safari Lodge is opening next June. Here we explore the magical world it will unlock.

08th November 2019

The Living Wall Exterior
Our top five sustainable initiatives

From eliminating single-use plastics to promoting sustainable, local partnerships, here we illustrate our ethical initiatives.


Xigera camp
The Camp takes shape

As the Lodge is built, we take a closer look at the detailed work that is happening behind the scenes.


The lions on the Xigera concession
The lions on the Xigera concession

The latest adventures of our 12-lion pride.


Xigera’s design project
Xigera’s design project

Discover Cape Town-based sculptor and arborist Adam Birch’s tactile creations.


Xigera camp
Powered by the sun

Discover how Xigera uses a sophisticated solar hybrid system to power 95% of the Lodge’s energy needs. 


Lion Cub
The way of the wild

A heartbreaking moment juxtaposed with one of extreme tenderness.


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