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Lion Cub
The way of the wild

A heartbreaking moment juxtaposed with one of extreme tenderness.


Xigera Wildlife
Africa's natural wonders

Profoundly beautiful, the Okavango Delta is a melting pot of culture, natural scenery and diverse wildlife.


Xigera Wildlife
The people of the Okavango Delta

Meet the ethnic groups who have called the Delta home for generations.


Xigera Wildlife
Paradise for bird watchers

The avian life of Africa: a guide to bird watching in the Okavango Delta.


Xigera Wildlife
Life on the water

Botswana’s lush Okavango Delta is home to a myriad of animal life.


Xigera Wildlife
Discover the history of the Okavango Delta

Find out more about why this area has attracted hunter gatherers for 100,000 years.


Xigera Wildlife
A lush oasis

Explore the stunning diversity of the Okavango Delta plants.


Xigera Wildlife
An African adventure

Explore the unique wetland ecosystem of the Okavango Delta.


Xigera Wildlife
A day on safari

Encounter the many wonderful animals that call the Moremi Game Reserve home.


Xigera Wildlife
Africa's Last Eden

What to see in the Okavango Delta, from wildlife on the water to fantastic wildlife.


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