A day on safari


Encounter the many wonderful animals that call the Moremi Game Reserve home.


Xigera lies within a remote area of the Moremi Game Reserve, on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta - a biodiverse habitat with large mammals living side-by-side. Partly savannah, partly woodland, the reserve is named after Chief Moremi III, a ruler of baTawana (in the northern half of Botswana). The reserve is also home to Chief’s Island, the largest in the delta and once the exclusive hunting ground of the chief.

The varying environment of the Moremi Game Reserve allows a vast number of animals to call it home. Lagoons bring hundreds of bird species to the reserve, while the wooded areas are home to the Cape wild dog and leopard. The vast savannah is roamed by animals such as the lion, African bush elephant, black rhinoceros, Burchell’s zebra, Southeast African cheetah, hyena, jackal, Angolan giraffe, Cape buffalo, impala and red lechwe.  

Elephants, giraffes, hippos, buffalo, zebra and wildebeest are abundant and can be seen throughout the reserve, but the occasional visitors and rarer sightings are most rewarding for visitors to the Okavango Delta.

White rhinos

Both the southern white rhino and the black rhino make rare, but captivating appearances in the reserve. While the northern white rhino is considered extinct in the wild, around 20,000 of its southern cousin can be found in South Africa and Botswana. The south-central black rhino was reintroduced to the country and its population has been growing, giving hope that it will one day come off the endangered species list. A sighting of the Southeast African cheetah also delights visitors, as they are not seen too often.

Of the occasional callers to the Moremi Game Reserve, the most iconic is the lion. The magnificent sight of a pride is an inspiration to any visitor to the region. Hyenas are also seen infrequently. The woodlands provide a habitat that is preferable to both the African leopard and the endangered Cape wild dog. The dog has a strong place in the folklore of San people of Botswana, with it considered to be the ultimate hunter and an enchanted creature. They believe that a shaman can transform himself into one.

African cape dog

While the common species are excellent draws to Moremi Game Reserve, encounters with the rarer ones are truly magical.

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