The Iconic Image


Mike explains what an 'iconic image' means to him as a wildlife photographer.


28th January 2020

Xigera Safari Lodge

As a wildlife photographer, I am always in search of an 'iconic image'. An iconic image can be defined differently by different photographers. For example, for a fashion photographer, their iconic image may be a significantly brilliant image of a model or a landscape photographer's may be a mountain scene in spectacular light. For me, I focus on capturing animals in their landscape.

In Xigera, the last few weeks have been wonderful, with cooler days due to rain in the afternoons and evenings. The area is green and lush and the body language of the animals is different from the dry hot time of year in October. They are more relaxed, playful and look in prime condition as they graze and browse, as there is abundant food for both browsers and grazers. We have seen a great number of elephant sightings on the floodplains and I have taken some wonderful photographs, which I have included below:



This brings me to my 'iconic image' which is the reason for this blog post. For me, the Xigera palm forests are one of the greatest features of the local landscape. In my photographs, I am always looking for ways to include the palm forests with elephants featured too. Even with the amount of time I spend outside, perfect moments are far and few between. Before I captured this photo, I noticed an elephant walking into the backlit scene at the most perfect moment as we were driving. Lesh knows the sound of my voice when I am excited and stopped the land rover immediately. At once, I grabbed my camera and quickly focused on the elephant, which I panned, capturing shots as he walked within the frame.

One of the frames was perfect to me – this is my 'iconic' elephant image in Xigera:

Mike's 'iconic image'

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