The changing mood of Xigera


Mike Myers explores the different seasons of Xigera and his favourite aspects of each.


14th September 2020

Xigera Safari Lodge

December - March

Sunset in Xigera

Through the year Xigera shows many moods. Starting in the summer from December until the end of March, we have rain and and lush tropical conditions. I love the summer and especially early December, as we have the birth of so many animals that coincide with this time. Impala, warthog and tsessebe all have peak births in early summer. After the dry brittle conditions of October and November this time is like the season of life. The rains are normally a thunderstorm in the mid-afternoon which clears leaving clear conditions and dynamic skies as the storms dissipate. The most spectacular sunsets happen at this time of the year.

Picture of elephants

April - June

Leopards at Xigera

This is the time of the year when the flood in the Okavango begins. The channel at Xigera starts to rise and the water flows out onto the floodplains. We feel the first of the colder weather in May, but the days are still warm and wonderful. The light for photography is clear and bright and the habitat still has the lush look of summer in April. By June, the winter yellows and browns can be seen and this, as a contrast to the blue and green on the floodplains, is breathtaking.

Landscape of Xigera

July - September

Picture of a lion at Xigera

By July, the coldest weather has arrived at Xigera, often with a temperature inversion and mist. This moody start to the day creates great lighting and inspiration for photography. By August the annual flood is starting to subside, and the weather has begun to warm up. This is the time of strong winds in the mornings, but they have calmed by the afternoon. We often have other cold snaps during August but by September it is warm, and we start to see the red sunsets for which Africa is famous for.

Landscape to Xigera

October - November

Deer at Xigera

October and November are the hot dry months, but there is good game viewing and interesting things tend to happen. Clouds start to form daily and as the time goes by, we get closer and closer to the start of the rains. If ever anyone is here during this time and out when the first rain falls, there is the delicious scent of the petrichor. This is a sweet smell in this moment after a long period of dryness. We all look forward to this moment.

Animals at Xigera

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