Tata Harper Skincare


We are excited to announce our partnership with Tata Harper. Their treatments are 100% natural and create unparalleled results.


30th June 2020

Xigera Safari Lodge

At Xigera, our signature B | Africa spa treatments will be complemented by an exclusive spa range by Tata Harper, in order to create holistic spa rituals that offer guests a multi-sensorial escape, whilst honouring the importance of using natural products and share our philosophy on sustainability. All of our treatments includes hyper-potent, 100% natural and nontoxic products. 

Tata Harper Skincare produces highly effective and luxurious skincare that is completely free of synthetic ingredients. Researched, developed and produced in-house by a team of beauty engineers, their formulas feature as many high-performance natural ingredients and advanced green technologies as possible. This is next generation beauty.

Tata Harper Skincare believes that true sustainability requires a 360 approach, and that means factoring the environment into every single decision they make. Tata carefully consider everything -- products, ingredients, manufacturing, packaging, sourcing, and transparency.

Spa products

Tata Harper ingredients are biodegradable, and more than 100% natural. They meet the COSMOS and EcoCert standard. All of their ingredients are sourced from vendors that are certified for their use of organic agriculture, respecting biodiversity and the environment, and using natural resources responsibly. Tata are also certified by the American Vegetarian Association and are 100% cruelty free.

They use 100% recyclable and sustainable materials for all of their packaging, from glass bottles to the soy ink on their cartons. 

Spa purifying mask

Tata Harper's manufacturing process is vertically integrated and they make everything ourselves on their farm in Vermont, USA. They create every formula from scratch, batch it, fill the bottles, put them in cartons, and ship them. They promote full visibility into every step of the manufacturing process and have been able to adjust so Tata create no byproduct, unnecessary waste or runoffs. They also have a lower carbon footprint than most brands because they don’t have to ship between subcontractors and act as their own distributor. 

Tata Harper Skincare takes clean beauty to the extreme. 

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