Wild dogs at Xigera


Our General Manager Mike has his first encounter with Xigera’s wild dogs.



08th November 2019

Xigera Safari Lodge

Yesterday morning I was having a cup of coffee in the construction village at Xigera when I noticed an impala running away on the far side of the river.

It was doing that odd run they do when they put their weight forward on their front legs and lift the back ones high in the air - really beautiful to watch.

The manner of it alerted me and I looked out in the direction it had come from. I could just make out the big round ears of two wild dogs right in front of what will be room No 1.

Wild Dogs 


I quickly found Lesh and we drove around the front of the lodge - there they were, lying peacefully. This is a young pair of dogs aged about three, as far as we can see, and yet to have puppies. When they were first spotted near the lodge earlier this year I had high hopes they would den nearby and have pups, but it’s not to be this year.

There have been quite a few sightings of them near the lodge but this was my first encounter with them. They were very relaxed, a darker male and a beautifully marked female. They were quite aware of the building work occurring in the lodge but were unfazed by the activity, and soon settled down in the shade to spend the day just northwest of the lodge.

I think they will be a feature at Xigera for some time to come.

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