After the rain


Mike shares his most recent wildlife photos which perfectly capture the wonderful season.


22nd January 2020

Xigera Safari Lodge

Petrichor - is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil.

For as long as I have been in the bush, I have relished this moment. One October, I was walking in the Delta, in the area around the Khawi, when the heavens opened and drenched us. As the raindrops fell, you could smell the sweet scent of the petrichor. I remember telling my guests to embrace and enjoy the weather, which they did and later it was the main talking point of the evening meal.

We began to experience rain in Xigera in early January. The fires we experienced last year are now a thing of the past; the Delta’s tropical plants have been revived. In the mornings, Lesh and I have been fortunate enough to see some of the best sightings. From new lion cubs to the perfect view of an elephant covered in white calcareous soil, walking across a verdant floodplain in beautiful sunlight.

The skies have also been spectacular; with many different pastel shades of pinks and blues, and bright reds and yellows during sunset.

Here are a few images that I have taken in the past week, they perfectly capture this wonderful time of year.

Summer in Xigera

Summer in Xigera

Summer in Xigera

Summer in Xigera

Summer in Xigera

Summer in Xigera

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