Kate Rethman


Biography of Kate Rethman, Travel Manager at Red Carnation Africa.


Growing up in Durban I had the privilege of exploring South Africa and its neighbouring countries throughout my childhood. At age 18 during a gap year, I worked aboard a private yacht in the Mediterranean, where I had the opportunity to travel to new and exciting places, only to realise that I was not done exploring my home continent. My passion for the bush was calling, and it was during a camping trip through Botswana and Zimbabwe in 2011 that I realised I needed to 'African travel' my career!

Since then, I have had incredible experiences on safari, both personally and professionally. From planning and executing fun family road-trips to the most remote parts of Southern Africa, to getting married on the banks of the Zambezi River, my passion for Africa is deep-rooted. I have worked in Digital Marketing and Sales with a group of luxury boutique hotels and game lodges within South Africa, as a Safari Consultant for one of the leading safari operators in Zimbabwe and Botswana, and as a Senior Sales Consultant at one of South Africa’s leading tour operators. This has enabled me to broaden my knowledge for African travel and I hope to be able to share these experiences and destinations with both local and international travellers alike.

It is an absolute privilege to be representing Xigera Safari Lodge in this position.

I hope these FAQs might assist you in your journey to Xigera.

What is the best time to travel to Botswana?

From June - August is considered to the be the best time. The waters from Angola have arrived and where there is water there is game, and where there is game, there are predators. Whilst this is Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, the weather is perfect, with no rain and beautiful sunny days. December is also incredible because this is usually when the Antelops have dropped their young. It is Summer, but of course our suites are air-conditioned.

Are there any other destinations within Botswana that you would combine Xigera with?

I would definitely combine this with any of the Great Plains camps in Botswana, as well as Jacks Camp, which offers diverse wildlife, including the inquisitive Meerkats, the ever elusive brown Hyena and the impressive Oryx.

Is Xigera considered a 'water camp'?

We like to describe Xigera Safari Lodge as a combination camp as we have a variety of activities, including game drives, walking safaris, mokoro and boating. There is something for everyone, including catch and release fishing.

What are some of the sightings guests can anticipate whilst on safari at Xigera?

We have incredible game and some of the more elusive Antelope species, including the secretive Sitatunga. We also have incredible Leopard sightings at the Lodge as well with many predators who seem to have made their home around the Lodge itself. For birds it is paradise, and of course there is the opportunity to see the Pels Fishing Owl – a special bird for many and whose wings in flight inspired the roof of the suites at the Lodge.

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