Mike Myers


General Manager, Xigera Safari Lodge


I was born in Africa and that has been the greatest gift I could ever have been given. From the youngest age I can remember being at peace in wild places. 
My first real taste of being in the bush came at the age of 11 when we went to Mana Pools on the Zambezi for a course on survival. I was fascinated as I watched a herd of elephant walk past our little camp and drink from the Zambezi in the moonlight. I am quite sure that moment set the course my life was to take.
I didn't set out to be a wildlife guide or a photographer; I initially wanted to be a pilot. I qualified to be a pilot but there was a fuel crisis and finding work was difficult. One day, I saw an advertisement for a position as a Trails Ranger and I landed the job. My photographic journey began soon after I started guiding; I saved up and bought my first camera. Photography has become a lifelong passion.
Later, Botswana became my playground. I started out using mokoros and mobile camping safaris, spent some years as a pilot and then formed a specialist guides team in South Africa. I later traveled extensively throughout the USA, UK, Europe, Australia and the Far East, marketing southern Africa as a destination. Marian and I spent five years travelling throughout the subregion, photographing and documenting our journey. 
I have been a safari guide for the Tollman family for over 20 years and we often discussed the idea of building a beautiful lodge. When Red Carnation Hotels asked me and Marian to take responsibility for the re-imagining of Xigera, this become a reality.
For me my journey has come full circle, I am back in the Okavango. 

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