Walking safaris, in the company of our expert guides just outside the Moremi Game Reserve, are opportunities to take you to ground level, to place your feet in the soil of the African wilderness and to bring you in touch with the microcosm of the wild. You'll be able to truly appreciate the importance of your senses, to feel the direction of the wind, to listen to your footsteps, to notice the smaller creatures of nature and to use your own energy to explore the natural life of the Delta.

They also allow you to revel in the incredible diversity of the local birdlife. For winged beauty, there simply is nowhere else like it. There are more than 440 different species in the area, including the very special Pel’s Fishing Owl, Slaty Egret and African Skimmer, which are threatened in the wider world, but fortunately common to Xigera. 

This is an exceptional location for watchers to revel in their beauty, and observe individual feeding and mating rituals. Some of the most spectacular birds include the malachite kingfisher, coppery-tailed coucal, western-banded snake eagle, wattled crane, purple gallinule and Lesser Jacana. Of these, 14 have been listed by BirdLife Botswana as a threatened species, and it is these that form the basis of the research and monitoring of bird populations at Xigera.