Water is life at Xigera, ebbing and flowing with the seasons and feeding the eco-system as it has done for millennia. Primarily, it’s the giver of food for the teeming wildlife, but the wetlands also provide the conduits through which visitors can experience even more of the Delta at first hand.

During the wet months, slip stealthily through the sultry waters on a beautiful glass-bottomed mokoro craft (a traditional canoe) or sleek motor boat to experience the labyrinthine waterways. You might catch fleeting glimpses of dusky bream and silver squeaker fish that throng these parts when the waters are high enough, darting between waterlilies. There are some 80 species across the whole system of rivers, channels and lagoons, and in-season, catch-and-release fishing can be experienced just outside the Moremi Game Reserve.  

Following the direction of our guides, you’ll see the hippos and crocodiles that rest in the cooling lagoons throughout the Okavango Delta, and possibly the elephants that wade on their perimeters.

Just beyond Xigera’s perimeter, the incredible year-round wetlands of the surrounding Okavango Delta remain as raw, untouched and exciting as they’ve always been – a vast theatre for unique wildlife performances that’s like nowhere else.