Restfulness at Xigera is prerequisite, as reviving as the fresh waters that nourish the flat wilderness of the Okavango basin on an annual cycle.

To be at one with nature is part of the intrinsic experience of time spent at Xigera. Our spectacular spa provides a tranquil haven, imbued with neutral colours and natural materials that are in peaceful harmony with Xigera’s surroundings. Discover an extensive spa programme with guest practitioners focused on mindfulness, wellness and holistic healing, tapping into the natural healing powers of the peace and tranquility of the bush. 

Practise yoga each day, spend time in the gym or swim in the flowing water of the swimming pool, which overlooks the river, with a deck for relaxation. Calm, detoxify, nourish and energise with a B|Africa spa treatment, using natural ingredients and locally-sourced plant extracts, including shea butter, baobob tree oil, African honey, mongongo nuts, Cape aloe, West African Atlantic sea salts and cedar wood.

Relax and rejuvenate, encircled by the sounds of the bush and calls of nature.