Fan palms, elephants & sunsets


As ripe fruits rain down, elephants are drawn to the area to feed on them.



18th November 2019

Xigera Safari Lodge

Much of the skyline in the Xigera area is dominated by fan palms and makes for the most exquisite sunsets as a silhouette. These palms bear fruit which ripen in late July and Xigera sees an influx of elephants eager to feed on them. 

All through August there is the sound of the big bulls shaking the palms and ripe fruit raining down on them. It is a special time and we often have the opportunity to watch it happening on game drives in the area. 




We see elephants all year round, bulls move through the area as well as breeding herds. The beauty with being in the park is that the elephants are relaxed and we spend time with them as they go about feeding. 

One of the activities that is the most fun is watching them interact with lions when they come across them. They often trumpet and chase them, leaving us in no doubt who is the real king of the jungle!

baby elephant

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