Xigera illustration


In an ever-changing fragile eco-system of 15,000 square kilometres, the Okavango Delta fans out over the Kalahari sand system, making it the 1000th Natural Wonder of the World. Right at its heart in this unique and magnificent wetland is Xigera Safari Lodge. Xigera is dedicated to guarding this precious jewel that belongs to Botswana, and to empowering local communities, alongside environmentally conscious hospitality and sustainable conservation.

We have engaged an arborist specialist to protect as many of our trees during the build as possible, and have undertaken monitoring and record-keeping of our fauna and flora, as well as working closely with the Department of Wildlife and National Parks to ensure we protect the whole area we traverse. We have also installed an Earth Cycler composter for all of our organic waste, to allow us to send compost to local communities for their garden projects.

With the installation of what may be the largest solar farm in the Delta, we will in the future be able to charge our game-drive vehicles using solar technology. The solar farm will also power an Electrical Centre that will use remote monitoring to fine-tune our green initiatives. Hot water will be provided with thermodynamic geysers, using a minimal amount of energy, while SolarView tinted glass will be used for energy-efficient air conditioning. Across The Red Carnation Hotel Collection, we are actively working on eliminating single use plastics and have already found replacements for many items, including straws, water bottles and single-portion packets of food. 

Together with The TreadRight Foundation and The Travel Corporation family of brands, we hope to leave a positive impact on local people, wildlife and the planet to #maketravelmatter. We are committed to ensuring that the unique wildlife surrounding Xigera survives and thrives – this is only the start of our journey…