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Xigera is yours to discover in the unknown wilds of Botswana, one of Africa’s most stable and peaceful countries. For the spectacular birds, the herd-instinct mammals, the wild scavengers and the majestic giants of the Okavango Delta, though, this is home. It’s our privilege to share them in the wild beauty of an entirely natural habitat.

Exquisite palm forests and long miscanthus grass; papyrus-lined channels and large floodwater lagoons all form the dramatic stage of an ancient land that showcases one of Africa’s greatest natural wildernesses. Witness this magical world come to life - there is nowhere like it in the world...

At Xigera, you’re at the heart of one of the most incredible eco-systems in Africa. It’s a wetlands paradise where the ebb and flow of the seasons paints an ever-changing vista to frame your wildlife experiences. Each one of our safari experiences provides a strikingly different expedition into a landscape teeming with creatures, plant life and natural land formations. One-of-a-kind and uniquely enriching, they are entirely flexible and designed to leave a lasting impression, whether you’re taking high tea in the heart of the wilderness or exploring the waterways by glass-bottomed boat, stopping for a ‘feet-in-the-water’ sundowner.

But the real appeal of Xigera is so much subtler than that. It’s truly wild life, where what happens below the water line and up in the air is a breath-taking tussle for survival. Observe the spectacular birdlife teeming around this region of Botswana, and explore the surrounding Okavango Delta wonderland, from the crocodiles who glide stealthily among the lilies to the agile monkeys in their own palm tree playground.


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With total and utter immersion in the astonishing diversity of local animal and birdlife, our expert guides generously share a lifetime’s knowledge of the local flora and fauna.  Embark on a walking safari, take a game drive or journey to prime photographic spots to capture Africa's unspoilt wilderness on camera.


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Slip stealthily through the sultry waters on a beautiful glass-bottomed mokoro craft (a traditional canoe) or motor boat to experience the labyrinthine waterways. Just beyond  Xigera’s perimeter, the year-round wetlands of the surrounding Okavango Delta remain as raw, untouched and exciting as they’ve always been.

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Our photographic safaris can be formal or relaxed, and accompanying non-photographers will experience just as much out of the time spent tracking animals and birdlife in the outstanding natural beauty of the Delta.