Nicole Siya


Guest Liaison Manager, Xigera Safari Lodge


I feel so fortunate to be a part of the Xigera Safari Lodge team as Guest Liaison Manager. Before joining the safari industry, I achieved an international hotel management degree at Vatel, Mauritius. With it came the opportunity to carry out internships with Sofitel Mauritius, Hilton Mauritius and Hilton Garden Inn Al Mina Dubai. A career in hospitality has granted me the chance to meet incredible guests and colleagues, both leaving an indelible mark on me and allowing continuous room for growth.

Outside my professional world, I can be found behind a computer screen blogging. In 2013 I started a blog called ‘Girl on Road’, fueled by the love for women empowerment, encouraging females to go after their dreams and to shatter glass ceilings. I strongly believe in the need to lift the women around us.

If I had a personal genie, my ultimate wish would be a world tour ticket, to indulge my love of trying out different cuisines and meeting people from all kinds of different countries and cultures. In the absence of a genie, I am a woman who is driven and open to opportunities heading my way. I am looking forward to advancing my career in the Red Carnation fold at Xigera Safari Lodge.

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