Tjandapiwa 'Tjay' Lesifi


Biography of Tjandapiwa Lesifi, also known as Tjay.


Tjandapiwa ‘Tjay’ Lesifi was born in the diamond mining town of Orapa in the central part of Botswana in 1980.

In the early 90s, Tjay’s mother moved to Kasane and they would often visit Chobe National Park, because her mother loved the great outdoors. It was in this park, that Tjay developed a passion for exploring the wilderness. With every visit to the park she gained an appreciation and interest for the local wildlife and flora.
She enrolled at the Botswana Wildlife Training Institute in 2005 and took a class in Professional Tour Guiding, which would later open doors for her into the beauty that is the safari industry. After successful completion of her course, she began working for a well-known safari operator based in The Okavango Delta. 

Tjay gained extensive experience shadowing the guides as a trainee and before long she was guiding independently in the Okavango Delta, at the Moremi Game Reserve and the Chobe National Park. Eager to learn about how a safari company operates on a day to day basis, she began working in management and would alternate her time between guiding and managing the lodges. Later, she decided to focus solely on guiding, as it was her passion. She preferred the wild outdoors to the structure of office work.
Tjay loves everything about the bush and she finds birds one of the most intriguing species and is interested in the art of capturing wildlife through photography. She loves interacting with people from all walks of life, while sharing the wonders of the bush, and sharing her in-depth knowledge of its intricacies. For Tjay, being at one with nature and observing beautiful wildlife, is the most satisfying job role. 

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