Enchantingly elegant, comfortable and intimate, with an aura of eclectic adventure, each suite subtly reflects the untamed environment outside.

Large open floodplains populated with land-mark Ilala Palms flank the densely wooded island that is home to Xigera Safari Lodge. Impressive flora of Jackelberry, Mangosteen and Leadwood trees form an ancient canopy under which the lodge is tucked. Each of our 12 guest suites have been carefully sited so as to maximise the protection given by these magnificent trees, while at the same time allowing endless views out over the floodplains and passing wildlife. They are 100% solar powered and fully air conditioned, making them the first of their kind. 

Cool and spacious, they have been individually hand-crafted from FSC-certified cedar, with a vaulted, tensile roof cover in soft, robust canvas. Held up above the forest floor, the suites offer a separate lounge, bedroom, dressing area, bathroom and outdoor shower. The deck extends to include an outdoor daybed with uninterrupted views over the floodplain.

Hand-crafted bronze elements, local artwork and artisan furniture made with natural materials blend African authenticity and high design, creating a thoughtful space with a sense of place in the magical wilds of Botswana. Each custom piece gives a sense of discovery, inspired by the spectacular natural environment just beyond, where the tents nestle discretely among the Delta tree lines.


  • 12 400-square-feet air-conditioned suites suspended above the forest floor
  • Views out over the floodplains and passing wildlife
  • Separate lounge, bedroom and dressing room area
  • Spacious bathroom with double sink, large bath, and indoor and outdoor showers
  • Private wooden deck with outdoor daybed
  • Stretched canvas tented roofs and cedar walls
  • Mini bar and WiFi
  • Day and night lighting International power points
  • Open to children over 12